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Giving Back

Giving Back at Citadel. It’s our duty and privilege to help others.

At Citadel, we believe in helping for the greater good. That’s why we started the Citadel Impact Team.

About The Citadel Impact Team

The Citadel Impact Team was created to help the local community and the world around us. We believe in using our time, talent, and resources to impact others, make a difference, and change lives.

Citadel Impact Team

Current Partners & Outreach Efforts


Hendersonville Samaritan Center – The Samaritan Center provides services to local families who are experiencing a crisis that has disrupted their life-style, assisting them in becoming self-sufficient. The Citadel Impact Team helps the Samaritan Center through volunteering, food drives, and donations of time and resources.

“Thank you so much for your continued support of the Hendersonville Samaritan Center and our food bank.  Your food drive donations are so crucial in making our food baskets  – and especially throughout the holidays.  We greatly appreciate all you do for us.  God bless you.”

Food Bank Manager, Hendersonville Samaritan Center

Susan G Komen – Through different provider led efforts, we sponsor different events where the proceeds go to help fund research, care, and treatment of breast cancer.

Healthcare Provider Events

Through sponsorships and various donations, Citadel has provided support for different hospital-led initiatives that focus on funding ongoing research, equipment, and patient care programs.

Employee Involvement

At Citadel, we also encourage individual employee participation with organizations that matter to them. These include blood drives, donations, youth groups, school support, and more.

Helping Others – An Ongoing Effort

If your organization would like to be considered as a Citadel Impact Team Partner, contact Julie Wolff at jwolff@citadelosg.com to submit your information.

All inquiries will be considered carefully based on need, mission, outreach efforts, and current Citadel Impact Team obligations.

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