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How We Help Providers

Healthcare providers helping healthcare providers.

We know the impact of financial reimbursement from patient care.  We’ve lived it.  We’ve felt it.  We know how important it is to fund innovation, fund the next big discovery, and deliver the best possible health care for patients.

When it comes to patient financial services, Citadel was founded by hospital finance and revenue cycle professionals with over 60 years of experience.   We came from top performing hospital businesses offices  across the country – and we  continue to manage them.  Everything we do is focused on financial improvement for providers.  It’s our passion.

Revenue Cycle Services for Hospitals,  Health Systems, and Healthcare Service Providers

The Business Office Team (tBOT) by Citadel expertly and seamlessly manages the claim reimbursement process, handling everything up to the point of zero balance or patient responsibility.   And when we say everything, we mean it – from cash posting and credit balance processing to billing and denial management and even patient access related functions.

The Citadel Client Experience

See for yourself the results we deliver to our valued clients.   From provider testimonials and case studies, become familiar with the industries perception of our results.

Getting Started the Right Way

Healthcare is constantly changing.  That’s why we believe in getting to know you, your current initiatives and challenges, and understand the outcomes you are seeking.  You’ll sit down with our industry veterans – business office leaders, top revenue cycle experts, and healthcare AR  specialists – to learn more about how we can help and co-author a roadmap  to financial success for your organization.

It’s time plug the Business Office Team into your revenue cycle. 

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