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The Business Office Team at Citadel works hard to consistently exceed your expectations. See for yourself what hospital leaders and revenue cycle executives have to say about us.

Dan Otero
Dan Otero

“As an Executive Leadership team that took over a very troubled hospital with many revenue cycle problems, we needed a strong Patient Financial Services team to help us turn around a failing hospital.

We feel so blessed that we connected with Citadel Outsourcing Group. Citadel provided onsite and remote consulting and billing support and played a major role in our $10M turnaround in eleven months. The expertise, professionalism and service provided by the team was incredible. Thank you Citadel Team!”

Dan Otero, Chief Operating Officer
Gila Regional Medical Center
Silver City, NM

Mike Creary
Mike Creary

“Citadel has done a wonderful job with Knoxville Hospital & Clinics. Our hospital had a large backlog of claims as a result of a difficult IT conversion and the acquisition of the clinic and their physician billing component.

Citadel has done an expedient job of resolving our backlog of claims and has helped with current claims as new staff was trained. Citadel’s bright and professional staff has been very accommodating to our needs. We have been very pleased with Citadel Outsource Group’s performance and would highly recommend their services.”

Mike Creary, Chief Financial Officer
Knoxville Hospital & Clinics
Knoxville, IA

Lucy Catala
Lucy Catala

“They’ve been great to work with. Glenda Tankersley (Citadel Vice President of Operations) identified and corrected (or set up procedures to correct) so many things that our former Business Office Director should have been on top of.

Citadel provided access to resources that went beyond what their position required. Although I wish I didn’t need to use them, I’m glad they are here and have continued to be as available and accessible as needed.”

Lucy Catala, Chief Financial Officer
Medical Center at Lancaster
Lancaster, TX

Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker

“Citadel came highly recommended from a colleague within the healthcare industry”, said Walker. “From the initial conference call it was apparent, these folks know hospital revenue cycle from actually living it and doing the work down to the line operator level.

Their staff is known as revenue cycle experts, either being former hospital business office leaders or at minimum coming directly from the provider environment. They know the operational struggles and the challenges of improving financial reimbursement, and most importantly, how to strategically overcome them.”

Jeremy Walker, Chief Financial Officer
Hendrick Health System
Abilene, TX

Dave Stenerson
Dave Stenerson

“The services provided under Mr. Shedden’s and Ms. Tankersley’s leadership were exceptional. The positive results were felt immediately upon their involvement… within 90 days, cash flow was improving over levels not previously attained.

The impact of their efforts resulted in an improvement in annual cash collection of over $25,000,000, which was an increase of almost 25% over the previous year.”

Dave Stenerson, Vice President
Doctors Community Healthcare
Scottsdale, AZ

Slide 6
Slide 6

“I also wanted to say THANK YOU for the outstanding service your team provides Southlake. It has been an absolute pleasure working with each of you. You guys are AMAZING.”

Betty Ryan, RHIA
Forest Park Medical Center
Southlake, TX

Slide 7
Slide 7

“Congratulations all on a stupendous turnaround of all revenue cycle to end 2015 with stellar results:  Overall A/R, and particularly A/R greater than 90 days, is less than half what is used to be; Cash collections under Citadel for 6 months were 108% of target; Bad debt is down 40%.

Citadel brought strength to a previously weak link in our chain, so everyone’s performance can shine through! Kudos!


Charles Nasem, FACHE
Forest Park Southlake
Southlake, TX


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