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Texas Hospital Case Study

Business Office Outsource Case Study

How a Texas State-of-the-Art Surgical Hospital Is Achieving 108% of Monthly Cash Goal and Experiencing a 5.7% Increase in Monthly Cash

The Challenge

Hospital was centralized into a privately managed and owned, shared services center (SSC) responsible for billing and collecting accounts receivable alongside 5 other facilities.  Each hospital within the SSC, having unique patient demographics, areas of specialty, and physician contributor, created A/R that was not conducive to an SSC environment. Additionally, high staff turnover at the SSC and key position vacancies proved to contribute to the financial performance challenge.

Hospital CEO, being aware of his service lines, payer mix, and having past hospital finance experience, was not convinced the SSC financial performance was at its peak and strongly felt revenue was being uncollected.

Download the entire case study to find out how the Texas based hospital:

▪ Met 108% of Monthly Cash Goal
▪ 5.7% Increase of Monthly Cash
▪ 58% Reduction in A/R
▪ 83% Decrease in A/R Days

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