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Pricing Flexibility

Pricing Flexibility Designed To Support Hospital Leadership and Improve Financial Health

Coming from providers, we know the importance of flexibility. That’s why the Business Office Team by Citadel provides pricing flexibility – to ensure our clients make strategic decisions and realize additional revenue without jeopardizing financial outcomes.

Our Revenue Cycle Flex Pricing Options Include:

  • Contingency Fee
  • Per FTE – daily, hourly
  • Piecemeal Pricing
  • Project Flat Rate
  • Cost Containment Caps
  • Custom Pricing – rate structures based on specific initiatives

Whether your need is short term or long term, minimal or mass, additional resource(s) or capacity management within your existing team, our goal is to help overcome pricing fear and other objections that can prevent your hospital from attaining the financial results you need while enhancing initiatives that improve and expedite patient revenue.

Let’s discuss possibilities and commence the development of a valuable and sustainable partnership.

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