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Revenue Cycle Assessment

Using industry-standard metrics and best practice benchmarks to assess the current state of your hospital’s revenue cycle.

We know what keeps hospital revenue cycle executives up at night – we came from business offices and continue to manage them. Powered by the Business Office Team at Citadel, we support hospital leadership by delivering an unbiased, real-time analysis of current operations against established, nationally recognized best practice metrics – comparing you to similar facility types, nearby geographic locations, and matching patient demographics.

Hospital leaders depend on our revenue cycle assessment to provide the insight they need to improve financial health, strengthen business office operations, and increase reimbursement from the delivery of patient care.

How It’s Done.

After understanding the areas you want to assess, our veteran healthcare financial services experts will come onsite and thoroughly examine the fundamental functions making up your revenue cycle. Through impartial feedback and comparison against other providers operating within your marketplace, you may gain the validation needed to implement change and take necessary steps to move your financial performance to the next level. Or, you may receive confirmation your facility is squeezing every available dollar and the current leaders and processes are trending for continued success!

Knowledge is power – and we’re With You Every Step of the Way

Another set of eyes on your revenue cycle by someone who has the insight of what other providers are doing – and what is working – can’t hurt, but only help. Once our review is complete, we’ll present your results and leave you with a detailed report – including a go forward action plan, a comparison of your facility against some of the industry’s key performance indicators, and a list of benchmark targets for monitoring your future improvement. Once you decide to implement your action plan to improve performance, we are always available to provide the support and guidance you need.

Whether you are simply curious and merely seeking feedback from a second set of expert eyes, in the midst of financial leadership or business office management changes, trying to define new initiatives, experiencing recurring staff vacancies, or just not satisfied with your current patient financial services performance, now is the perfect time to seek an opinion from The Business Office Team at Citadel.


  • Scheduling
  • Insurance Verification
  • Pre-registration
  • Patient Access Protocol
  • Financial Counseling
  • Case Management
  • HIM Process
  • Claim Billing / Submission
  • Account Resolution
  • Cash Posting
  • Collections & Outsourcing
  • Adjustment Applications
  • Credit Balances
  • Payment Variance Tracking
  • Denial Identification
  • Denial Tracking & Quantification Value
  • Appeal Submission & Success Rates
  • Contracted Payer Review
  • Business Office Structure & Work-Flow Delegation


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